My Body, My Choice!

So I know this is old news, but bear with me.  I have to catch up to myself on this blog, and I think this is worth a visit to 2006.

In 2006, you see, this article came out in Wired magazine talking about the practice of implanting a small magnet in a human fingertip.  The result of the implant isn’t just that a person can pick up small metal objects, the subject can actually feel magnetic fields in their environment.  The gain a new sense, one that seems both useful and beautiful in the electronic age.  Quinn describes it thus, “In time, bits of my laptop became familiar as tingles and buzzes. Every so often I would pass near something and get an unexpected vibration. Live phone pairs on the sides of houses sometimes startled me.”

Unfortunately, Quinn’s body rejected the magnet.

This year, another article appeared which details the advancements in subcutaneous magnet implantation.  It’s great to see that this effort is being pursued and improved.

Of course, doctors aren’t the ones implanting magnets in people’s fingers – “body mod” shops are.  People whose background is body piercing or tattooing.  I think this is fantastic news for two reasons.

First, it’s great to see body modification looked at as something practical, something that offers to add more than simply decoration to a human body.  It’s an understandable desire to want to take control of and improve your body, and adding a sense makes more sense than, say, making yourself look like a horrifying, mutant cat.

Second, I think it’s great that there are people willing to experiment (usefully) on their own bodies.  The medical establishment wouldn’t touch this with a three meter stick, they’re busy building a three million dollar death mask, but that shouldn’t stop people from trying new things.  Our bodies belong to us, and the futures (because no two bodies need have the same future) of our bodies belong to us.


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One Response to “My Body, My Choice!”

  1. CS Says:

    I don’t know why but the “horrifying mutant cat” sentence had me giggling uncontrollably for about 10 minutes.

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