Take That, Roger Ebert!

Ten days ago I challenged Ebert a wee bit over his article, “Video Games Can Never Be Art.”

Four days ago, I wrote a post about my…let’s call it, “distaste,” for 3D.

Yesterday, Roger Ebert decided to agree wholeheartedly with my opinion on 3D.  He did so in a reasonable, logical, and fully explicated way.

Now, the best response I’ve read to Ebert’s article on video games came from Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade fame.  In his response, Holkins says of Ebert’s article, “[Ebert’s] arguing 1. in bad faith, 2. in an internally contradictory way, 3. with nebulously defined terms, so there’s nothing here to discuss.”

Ebert’s article on 3D, however, has a number of clearly developed points, and a number of conclusions he and I arrived at separately.  Movies are a media we have each engaged with and learned to appreciate in a number of ways.  I’d like to suggest that perhaps, had Ebert ever bothered to make the attempt to engage with video games in a similar way, he would be able to offer a well defined and good faith argument about their validity as art.

And maybe he would even agree with me.  After all, we clearly see blue-lens to red-lens.


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