Eurasian Black Salt

I like salt.  I really like salt, all kinds of salt.  Grey sea-salt, mineral salt, pink Himalayan salt, smoked salt…delicious.  But I recently purchased a salt sampler that included something called “Eurasian Black Salt,” and it’s gross.  Really.  It tastes distinctly like salted hard-boiled eggs.  The egg flavor is so strong that I don’t want to use it in any dishes…except maybe on hard-boiled eggs.

Apparently it’s very high in sulfur.  Disgusting.

Just thought I’d share.



7 Responses to “Eurasian Black Salt”

  1. Melissa Kushi Says:

    That’s funny, it is gross and definitely an acquired taste. It’s called Kala Namak in India and used to create special dishes – really popular over there, but hey, each region has it’s specialty, right?

    • Will Kaufman Says:

      That makes sense, there are a lot of strong spices in Indian cuisine – a lot of added flavors. I generally try and use spices minimalistically, just to bring out the flavors of the main ingredients. Even just a sprinkle of this stuff changes the profile of the entire dish completely.

      Now that I have some, though, I feel I should find a recipe that calls for it. I’ve got to try it in its natural habitat.

  2. Dee Says:

    I just got a salt sampler that had that included, too! And I could not believe how horrid it was! I love all salt, too, but this tasted and smelled like rotten eggs. I had to brush my teeth to get the putrid taste out of my mouth! I had to check out if anyone said anything about it online because it was so revolting!

  3. Mimi Says:

    Mmmmmm…I have Dave’s Six Salt sampler too…and love them all, including the Eurasian Black Salt…Love the Smoked Salt (#1) but all the others too. Seriously…Who knew salts could taste so different from one another. I did like the Eurasian Sea Salt, although, yes, it is different. We didnt think it tasted like rotten eggs but tasted more like salty hardboiled eggs…and that was interesting to us. We didnt get a strong rotten or sulfur smell either, though it was apparent that the salt did contain sulfur. I thought the color (beautiful brick color with black grains as well) was really interesting! Try some of these salts (maybe not the sulfur salt) on pure caramel or chocolate for the contrast in flavors (and sweet/salty)…I bet it will blow your mind! (and you can smoke your own salt too! COOL!). Thanks for your blog topic – it was fun to read.

  4. Chadstract Says:

    I just tried the Eurasian salt from the sampler and thought it was interesting…different, but in a good way. My wife however, didn’t like it. Good topic for a blog!

  5. Chi Chieko Says:

    I found the Black Salt very unappetizing when I tasted it but decided to keep an open mind. I tried it with fresh vegetables with other Indian spices and it made my kitchen smell like someone had left a GIANT fart in there! Lol! Ugh! Had to open the windows (in winter) and burn incense to get the smell out!

  6. Spaceship, Spaceship, Rick Rude: HappySad Link Round Up, March 18, 2014 | The Willarium Says:

    […] When I woke up today I trolled the social networks, as I am wont to do, and wanted to share a few things with, like, whoever mistakenly arrives at this blog looking for recipes that use Eurasian Black Salt. […]

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