I cannot claim to have a readership here.  I know that some people find my musings interesting, but those persons are not my primary readers.  No, most of my hits come from people investigating Eurasian black salt, or those who believe I can give them advice on the IPA test (I didn’t even know there was such a thing until the first Google search came to my humble blog).

But should you wonder at my silence, know that I am not gone, I have not abandoned this blogistical enterprise.  Know only that my father is dying – has been, for some time, but now there is nothing but immediacy in that statement.  I will return, with humor (maybe) and insight (hopefully), but for now I must be afraid and sad and angry and worried and unhappy.

Be unburdened, reader, even if you are here accidentally.  Be unburdened; there will come a time you cannot choose otherwise.


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