Romney Form Committee to Investigate Cracking Corn and I Don’t Care

I guess Mitt Romney’s committee to investigate forming an investigative committee for a Presidential bid decided an investigative committee would meet with a favorable response.

I hate this guy.

I hate this guy and I hate his stupid bid for attention and money. Most of all I hate that now I have to listen to people talk about him and his potential Presidential bid. He can’t win; he’s a Mormon and no matter what he says that’s not the same as Kennedy being a Catholic.

Instead I want to talk about how humanity took its first steps into space fifty years ago today. I want to talk about how people are rising up against dictators around the world. I want to talk about anything at all that’s important and relevant, and try and ignore the fact that I’ll be seeing Mitt’s smug, punchable face in YouTube clips and television ads for a solid eighteen months.


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