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My Newest Fantasy Short Was Recommended by io9, Locus, and Tangent!!

February 27, 2015

My newest short story, “Things You Can Buy for a Penny,” went free to read on the inimitable Lightspeed Magazine website this week. It’s a story about the man who lives in the well, and the people who come to him with pennies to buy wishes. Apparently, people liked it.

A little-known Gawker rag, io9, put it in their list of “Best Stories from the Week,” and K. Tempest Bradford had this to say:

The way this story opens up like a matryoshka doll is just one aspect of its charm. I’m also a huge fan of the wet gentleman and the fairy tale feel of all the elements here.

Lois Tilton, writing for Locus Online, said:

I like this narrative. Although the tale is simple, there’s wit and freshness in the telling, as well as a neat twist at the end…It’s also a good example of the sort of story that isn’t soft fantasy, the magic being not only unambiguous but central to the tale; how the characters deal with the magic is what the story is about.

While Martha Burns at Tangent was a bit more ambivalent:

How much one enjoys the story is, in part, a product of how much one enjoys this sort of [fairy-tale] meta-mockery. It can be read as funny, clever, or as a reminder that fairy tales are generally retold these days with a wink-wink…I, personally, can never quite decide whether I like this or it is too clever for me and this story teetered on the edge.

But in the end she recommended it “for its fast pace and light tone.”

**UPDATE** Hey! This little tale also made Lady Business’s Short Fiction Favorites for the period, and SFRevu called it a “perfect little story.” Basically, publishing “Things You Can Buy for a Penny” made the first half of my year.

I’m really thankful for all of the positive feedback my little yarn has received, and I am exceptionally thankful to Lightspeed and it’s wonderful editorial staff. I recommend you check out each of the reviewers, because they all recommended other amazing stories along with mine. I also recommend you take a look at what Lightspeed is up to these days, and think about supporting them with your own pennies. They didn’t win a Hugo last year for nothing.


Read My Review of Charles Yu’s Sorry Please Thank You

August 29, 2012

David Abrams has been kind enough to let me review Charles Yu’s Sorry Please Thank You for his blog, The Quivering Pen. So go check out my review, check out all the rest David has to offer (like book giveaways and guest posts from assorted talented writers), then support all this cray-cray talent by buying some books! Might I suggest Sorry Please Thank You and Fobbit as worthy candidates for your fiduciary and temporal investment?

Read My Review of Matt Bell’s Cataclysm Baby in Quarterly West

July 12, 2012


I just had the opportunity to read and review Matt Bell’s Cataclysm Baby. Check it out in the current issue of Quarterly West, and while you’re there be sure to enjoy all the rest of the wonderful work on offer.

Surprise of the Week: Pandorum

July 7, 2011

With free Starz for the month and the GF out of town last weekend, I went on a bit of a movie binge.  I was majorly disappointed by The Book of Eli, got exactly what I expected from Ninja Assassin and Predators, and was pleasantly surprised by Pandorum.

I avoided Pandorum when it came out because the advertising made it look like just another schlocky survival horror film dressed up with science fiction bits.  In actuality, Pandorum is a potentially great science fiction movie dragged down by some tacked-on survival horror bits. (more…)

District 9 and the Documentary Style

July 7, 2010

I finally got around to watching District 9, and for the most part I enjoyed it.  So often movies with premises that center around social issues have problems maintaining profluence (see A Day Without A Mexican), but District 9 managed to shoehorn in an extensive criticism of humanity while keeping the story moving.

My biggest problem with D-9 was the point of view.  The movie starts off as a faux documentary and then transitions into a more traditional omniscient camera POV, an unusual choice.  Most faux-docs maintain the documentary POV for the sake of realism, and leaving it behind felt jarring.


I Done Been Reviewed Again!

July 6, 2010

Last time, well, whatever.  But this time!  Oh, Lordy!

“Eris Sinks Pluto” by Will Kaufman is a story of youth, friendship, frivolity, and choices, set on a moon awaiting its own destruction. Kaufman’s framing of an interpersonal conflict set amidst an interplanetary one is endlessly clever, and he follows through on the idea with compelling characters, realistic dialogue, and a fluid writing style that has all the ease of stream of consciousness prose without any of the confusion. Doubtlessly, this is the issue’s strongest story, and Kaufman its most promising new voice in speculative fiction.

I’m having this printed on a t-shirt!

I Done Been Reviewed

May 1, 2010

“‘Eris Sinks Pluto’ by Will Kaufman is a rambling story about three people on a doomed world and what they do to pass the time. This one was just okay.” – from SFRevu.

In my defense, I think the reviewer completely missed the point.  Not that that necessarily makes the story any better than “just okay.”