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Far Cry 4: Story Fixed

December 9, 2014

If you don’t care about video games, don’t bother clicking through. (more…)


UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission, Now a Thing in the World

June 24, 2012

UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission, from Social Malpractice Press, containing art by Daniel Glendening and fiction by yours truly, is now a thing the world, really and truly. If you’re interested in how video games and fiction and art can intersect on paper, you should check it out.

Win “UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission” from Social Malpractice Press

June 14, 2012

Skyrim + Brutalist Architecture = an Art

So I wrote a story for a book, a book full of art by Daniel J. Glendening. I know the title promises UFOs, but they’re sort of metaphorical UFOs. If, however, you’re interested in how video games and art intersect in a space that’s not actually a video game, and is, instead, sort of papery, you should check this book out.

Social Malpractice, the lovely press responsible for publishing UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission, is hosting a giveaway.  Go try and win.

More news to come.

Skyrim and Dark Souls, Challenge and Art in Video Games: Thoughts on “How Will Videogames Pass Go?”

December 12, 2011

So I just read Ryan Kuo’s “How Will Videogames Pass Go?” and I wanted to offer some thoughts. (more…)

Diablo III vs. Torchlight II, or: DRM vs. F-U-N

August 1, 2011

We just learned that Diablo III will be saddled with DRM that requires an active internet connection.  If your internet is down, or you want to play on a laptop without a WiFi hotspot, that’s just too freaking bad for you.  This announcement is generating all the usual rancor, “Burn in hell, Blizzard,” and, “ur drm iz 4 n00b fagz who eat teh p00pz,” etc.

But why do we even care?

We all know the deal with piracy and DRM, have heard the arguments both pro and con, and we all have our own rabid opinions on the matter.  I’m not going to debate the need for DRM, I’m going to debate the need for Diablo III. (more…)

What’s Up With Your Wagon Wheels, Red Dead Redemption?

July 18, 2011

I’ve noticed that the wagon wheels in Red Dead Redemption have that counter-spin effect on the spokes when in motion. Why? (more…)

Nintendo Was Hard Pt. 2: Story vs. Discovery

October 28, 2010

To make my point here, I’m going to break down the ways video games motivate us to play into two categories: story and discovery.  Consider Oblivion; the game had a distinct (if somewhat uninteresting) central story that dictated its action and progression.  It also had a strong emphasis on exploration (which was more interesting than the story, but that’s neither here nor there) and discovery.  Here’s where things get tricky: it also had an RPG skill development model, which, in my taxonomy, falls under discovery – the unlocking of new gameplay elements.


Nintendo Was Hard, Is That Important?

October 10, 2010

I’ve been playing Metal Gear Solid 4 recently, and I’m quite pleased with the game.  Really, any game that starts off with a fake interview with the actor who voices the main character, dressed up like the main character, but promoting something other than the game…

Oh, and the actor’s name is David, and then later in the game Snake’s “mom” calls HIM David…

It’s all so meta, it gets me all tingly.


The Next Next Generation

August 11, 2010

When the Playstation 3 launched it cost as much as a car, the controllers didn’t have rumble, and the system used power at a rate of 1.21 jigawatts/hour.  And there were no games ready for the system that anybody anywhere cared about.

The XBOX 360 launched as a white box that had no functionality — you even had to pay extra for the motorized tray add-on.  Oh, and 2/3 of all 360’s die horrible deaths from internal melting.  Two of mine did, and I’m not going back for the third.


Zombies Should Be Dead

July 8, 2010

Really,  Rockstar?  Zombies?  You took Red Dead Redemption, the highest rated, multi-platform release of the year and decided to add zombies?  Gee, that’s really fucking original.  And unique.  Very unique.  Really, extremely, very unique.